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About H.E.R.O.

Why the award?

The 2017 Ansell CARES HERO Nurse Service Award for European O.R. Nurses is an important way to recognize O.R. nurses who have made a lasting impression on their colleagues, their patients, their profession and in their community. We know that O.R. nurses are the key to making things happen in an increasingly demanding and technical environment, and that in order to continue to deliver excellent care, they have to focus on continuously educating themselves. Despite these challenges, much of the great work O.R. nurses do is “behind the scenes” and does not get the recognition it deserves. --At Ansell we would like to change that and celebrate the O.R. nurses who are not just excellent at what they do, but who are also inspiring role models for others.
In 2013, Ansell launched the H.E.R.O. award with the intention of bringing awareness to these admirable nurses. Since then, the program has expanded internationally into Australia, New Zealand, and Europe recognizing a total of over 350 heroes. Ansell is honored once again to show its support for this community in 2017.

Nomination period

From April 4, 2017 through May 7, 2017, nurses, friends, family and their colleagues are invited to nominate their O.R. nurse H.E.R.O. The accepted nominations will then appear in the gallery on this website.

Voting period

On May 15, 2017, voting will begin and continue through June 16, 2017. You are allowed to vote once per day via Facebook, Twitter, or on, so the maximum amount of votes is 3 per day if all channels are used.
The ten nominations with the highest votes will receive the Ansell CARES H.E.R.O. Nurse Service Award plaque. Additionally, the nominee with the highest number of overall votes will have a donation of $1 per vote made in their name to an Ansell supported charity. The more votes received, the greater the donation made (full prize details at Contest Details).
So be sure to nominate a deserving nurse and cast your vote. It means the world to them, because they mean the world to us.

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